• Signs For A Hearing Test
    Signs For A Hearing Test
    Signs that show you need a hearing test
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    Air Purifier
    Benefits of air purifier
  • Treating Swollen Fingers
    Treating Swollen Fingers
    How to treat swollen fingers

Is It Safe To Whiten the Skin Surrounding The Anus?

What is meant by anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching refers to literally bleaching the skin that surrounds your anus to whiten the skin color. Hence, it appears all uniform. You can either perform this treatment at a spa/salon (gel whitener or laser treatment) or various home treatment alternatives (cream and gel lighteners). Check out http://analbleachingblueprint.com/diy-at-home/ if you want to do the procedure at home.

The results you are likely to experience after using these gels will depend on the color of your skin as well as your skin sensitivity. If you are dark skinned, then you might require going through various treatments related to anal bleaching to attained your desired skin tone. The big question remains to be “is it safe to whiten the skin surrounding the anus?

Are you at any risk by using these lighteners?

hgdhgd674The answer to this question is yes. Most of these bleaching gels were made for fast skin whitening which was created for people having skin pigmentation problems. The creams were created to be used for body areas that are less sensitive needing to be bleached to neutralize the tones of the skin.

When you apply these creams around your genital areas (which occasionally might be sensitive), you may experience several reactions that you likely weren’t anticipating. Some of these reactions can be:

  • Ochronosis – This is the black/brown/bluish pigmentation occurring in the bleached areas. This pigmentation often defeats the color of your bleaching (purple) in the first place.
  • Scarring – Scarring is often related to the laser treatments. In this case, lightening gels cause severe reactions which might irritate and inflame your tissues leading to the buildup of scar tissue.
  • Anal fissures – Anal fissures are the skin tears/breaks surrounding the anal canal. This problem is related to a reaction from the bleaching gels, especially if you apply it directly over the anal canal. It appears like a paper cut and which discomforts you as it takes some time to heal.
  • Irritation of the skin – Bleaching gels may contain some harsh chemicals aiding in the lightening process. Such chemicals may bring about itching, burning, peeling or even drying of the skin surrounding the anus.
  • Pain – Will this process cause you any pain? Rarely, some pain can be felt, particularly if you happen to experience one or more of these reactions. You might experience slight discomfort when layering or even later.

How to avoid these risks

Many anal skin lightening products are available in the market and so most choices are overwhelming. Would you wish your skin to look similar to that of most superstars you see on your television or even on the Internet? If so, please follow this tips to ensure you are on the safe side regarding the risks related to anal skin bleaching:


  • Avoiding hydroquinone – Most brands using hydroquinone are associated with much negative feedback and terrible reviews. These products will not only fail to attain your desired levels but also will cause severe skin irritation. Look out for better alternatives to bleach your anus skin naturally and safely.

Are your expectations realistic? Ensure your expectations are real to avoid future frustrations. In case you have darker skin, don’t expect to see “miracles” right away. To be on the safer side, apply a formula having natural ingredients rather than using products linked to harsh chemicals.

Treating Swollen Fingers

Fingers are a vital part of the body that contribute to many of our daily activities from grabbing, feeling surfaces sometimes slapping once in a while. When the fingers get a swell or even the smallest amount of pain, a lot of our daily activities are halted. Swollen fingers can result from reasons like an injury, high temperatures that cause blood vessels to expand, a disease, an infection due to contamination, or even swelling in pregnant moms.

How to treat swollen fingers

Lifting up the fingerssdfghjkhgfdsfghjkljhgfdsdfghjkljhgfdghjk

Elevating the fingers above the heart for a few minutes reduces the swelling of fingers. This is one of the most common methods of treating swollen fingers. The uplift of fingers allows blood that has stagnated in the fingers to start circulating. Doctors also recommend the raising of fingers above the head as an immediate way of treating swollen fingers.

Rubbing swollen fingers

Another method of treating swollen fingers is massaging them. Massage increases blood circulation and relaxes aching muscles. It is important to use some warm oil in the process to reduce harming the skin due to friction. In case the pain does not stop or the massaging increases it, it’s advisable to seek a doctor’s attention.

Finger exercises

Exercising the fingers is another method of treating swollen fingers. The practice allows the blood to flow to and from the area blood has stagnated. The task is as simple as closing the fingers into a fist, holding them as such for at least a minute and then gently opening the fist to stretch the fingers.

 Cold and warm water treatment

Another method of how to treat swollen fingers is the use of cold and hot water. This is also known as hydrotherapy. The process involves soaking the afflicted fingers in warm water for a few minutes. Then removing and putting them in cold water for at least a minute. Alternating the process a few more times makes the swelling to subside.

Taking medication

Another way of treating swelling fingers is taking medication that contains antioxidant properties. It is advisable to use medication prescribed by the doctor.


Wrapping a bandage around the wrist or wearing compression gloves prevents fluids from accruing in the fingers. It is important sdfghjkhgfdsadfghjklhgfdsasfhgjklnot to wrap the bandage too tightly as it can completely block the flow of blood to the fingers.

These are just but a few ways on how to treat swollen fingers. It is vital to understand the reasons that cause the fingers to swell so as to understand which of these treatment methods best suits your case. In the case of prolonged swelling, consult a doctor.

Signs For A Hearing Test

As many people age, they find themselves experiencing difficulty with hearing. And they might sometimes feel discouraged. Individuals often assume that losing their hearing is a part of aging. Should you or anyone you know is potentially experiencing hearing loss and you are attempting to find out if taking a hearing test and hearing instrument are vital, you will find distinct signs and symptoms that can help you in assessing the situation.

Signs that show you need a hearing test

Speaking loudlytalklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

If you have a good friend or loved one who is starting to shout when talking and is in no way aware of how inappropriate the volume of their voice is, they may be in need of a hearing test. When people age and their hearing ability diminish, they will not be conscious they are shouting, from their hearing viewpoint, they are speaking at an average volume. This misunderstanding may be avoided altogether by the help of your hearing device. The same volume symptom can also be when other people listen to their televisions far louder than the normall volume.


This is buzzing or ringing in the ears. But the sound can also fill like a hiss, roar or click. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can cause tinnitus. Keeping devices at a low volume can be a preventive measure. Tinnitus is not a disease on it own, but a symptom of a bigger issue, like an ear infection from a head injury that may have occurred previously. Discuss with your audiologist if you notice frequent occurrence of tinnitus.

Difficulty in hearing when in multitude

Another common symptom that shows you need a hearing test is when people have a tough time hearing when there is a sfdffhdgsfdasgfhgjgfgffghjkjfhdgsghfjkjhgmultitude of sounds. If someone is experiencing difficulty figuring out what one particular person is saying while other people are talking or there may be background noise, chances are they need a hearing test and would benefit from hearing devices.

You should not avoid a hearing test but rather embrace it. Do not allow your resentment for getting old hold you back from finding the hearing help that would permit you to hear each phrase and have fun at every single celebration. If any of the signs and symptoms above appear familiar, schedule a hearing test to ensure that the inconveniences of hearing may disappear. A digital hearing aid may very well be all that is standing in between you and a fuller, rich lifestyle.