Treating Swollen Fingers

Fingers are a vital part of the body that contribute to many of our daily activities from grabbing, feeling surfaces sometimes slapping once in a while. When the fingers get a swell or even the smallest amount of pain, a lot of our daily activities are halted. Swollen fingers can result from reasons like an injury, high temperatures that cause blood vessels to expand, a disease, an infection due to contamination, or even swelling in pregnant moms.

How to treat swollen fingers

Lifting up the fingerssdfghjkhgfdsfghjkljhgfdsdfghjkljhgfdghjk

Elevating the fingers above the heart for a few minutes reduces the swelling of fingers. This is one of the most common methods of treating swollen fingers. The uplift of fingers allows blood that has stagnated in the fingers to start circulating. Doctors also recommend the raising of fingers above the head as an immediate way of treating swollen fingers.

Rubbing swollen fingers

Another method of treating swollen fingers is massaging them. Massage increases blood circulation and relaxes aching muscles. It is important to use some warm oil in the process to reduce harming the skin due to friction. In case the pain does not stop or the massaging increases it, it’s advisable to seek a doctor’s attention.

Finger exercises

Exercising the fingers is another method of treating swollen fingers. The practice allows the blood to flow to and from the area blood has stagnated. The task is as simple as closing the fingers into a fist, holding them as such for at least a minute and then gently opening the fist to stretch the fingers.

 Cold and warm water treatment

Another method of how to treat swollen fingers is the use of cold and hot water. This is also known as hydrotherapy. The process involves soaking the afflicted fingers in warm water for a few minutes. Then removing and putting them in cold water for at least a minute. Alternating the process a few more times makes the swelling to subside.

Taking medication

Another way of treating swelling fingers is taking medication that contains antioxidant properties. It is advisable to use medication prescribed by the doctor.


Wrapping a bandage around the wrist or wearing compression gloves prevents fluids from accruing in the fingers. It is important sdfghjkhgfdsadfghjklhgfdsasfhgjklnot to wrap the bandage too tightly as it can completely block the flow of blood to the fingers.

These are just but a few ways on how to treat swollen fingers. It is vital to understand the reasons that cause the fingers to swell so as to understand which of these treatment methods best suits your case. In the case of prolonged swelling, consult a doctor.